Z20K3xx series

The Z20K3 series of devices are high-end MCUs based on ARM high-end core. This series of products meeting ASIL-B/D provide multiple choices from dual to 6 cores with 320 MHz CPU. They are suitable for the domain controller, area controller, powertrain, chassis, and safety.


Key Feature

  • High-end microcontrollers based on ARM high-end cores
  • Main frequency 320 MHz
  • Provide a variety of options from dual-core to 6-core
  • Meet ASIL-B/D

Target Applications

  • Domain Controller
  • Zone Controller
  • Powertrain
  • Chassis and Safety

Development tools

  • Under planning

Software Version Reference

Software Name Version
SDKUnder planning
AUTOSAR MCALUnder planning
Example codeUnder planning
FreeRTOSUnder planning
CAN BootloaderUnder planning
Emulation EEPROMUnder planning
ZXPinsConfigurationToolUnder planning

Technical Documents Version Reference

Document Version
Product BriefUnder planning
Reference Manual Under planning
Quick Start Guide Under planning
Eclipse IDE ManualUnder planning
Application NotesUnder planning
DataSheetUnder planning
SDK ReleaseNotes Under planning
CANFD Bootloader Manual Under planning
Emulation EEPROM Manual Under planning


Application NotesSpecification of how to use a component in an application or process
Data SheetSpecification of the performance and other characteristics of a component
Release NotesDescription of changes and issues in an upcoming update
Package InformationPackage details of the component
Reference ManualSpecification of how to use a component in an application process
Product BriefEssential information to evaluate a product for design suitability quickly
User GuideProcedural manual with step-by-step instructions on how to perform a set of tasks
Supporting ManualA manual or a user guide of a supporting development tool.


  • Data Sheets

  • Application Notes

  • Product Briefs

  • Reference Manuals

  • Package Information

  • Supporting Manuals