Z20K11x series

The Z20K11x series of devices are medium and low-end MCUs based on ARM Cortex-M0+. This series provides 2 CAN-FD interfaces, 4 UART/LIN interfaces, and various packaging types. They are suitable for multiple applications such as body control, air conditioning control, lighting control, and small and medium power motor control.


Key Features

  • Based on Arm Cortex-M0+
  • Main frequency up to 64 MHz
  • Operation voltage: 2.7~5.5V
  • Two physically independent large-capacity FLASH (256 KB Code FLASH + 128 KB Data FLASH)
  • 32 KB SRAM
  • 2x CANFD interfaces, each CAN supports 64 message mailboxes
  • 4x UART, support hardware LIN Frame, release load of CPU
  • Up to 16 DMA channels, suitable for multiple data transfers
  • AEC-Q100 Grade 1 certified

Target Applications

  • Power seats, power windows, power sunroof, power tailgate, door modules
  • Air conditioner control
  • Lighting control
  • Chassis control, brake control, etc.
  • New energy applications (PTC, air-conditioning compressor, ACDC, DCDC, etc.)
  • Brushless motor control
  • Other small and medium CAN node applications, etc.

Development Tools

  • Z20K11x Series Evaluation Board: Z20K118EVB
    • Working voltage: DC12V
    • 1x high-speed CANFD interface, 1x LIN interface
    • 1x potentiometer analog
    • RGB ambient lighting
    • 2 switch buttons
    • JTAG/SWD debug interface
    • USB to serial port
    • Arduino Shield interface
  • Development environment
    • IAR Embedded Workbench for Arm | IAR Systems
    • Keil Embedded Development Tools for Arm, Cortex-M
  • Debugger
    • JLINK
    • ULINK
  • Writer
    • P&E Cyclone Pro
    • RXTH (Rongxiang)

Software Version Reference

Software NameVersion
Example code1.2
CAN/LIN Bootloader1.3
Emulation EEPROM1.1

Technical Documents Version Reference

Product Brief1.2
Reference Manual1.2
Quick Start Guide1.2
Eclipse IDE Manual1.0
Application Notes1.2
SDK ReleaseNotes1.2
CAN/LIN Bootloader Manual1.3
Emulation EEPROM Manual1.1


Application NotesSpecification of how to use a component in an application or process
Data SheetSpecification of the performance and other characteristics of a component
Release NotesDescription of changes and issues in an upcoming update
Package InformationPackage details of the component
Reference ManualSpecification of how to use a component in an application process
Product BriefEssential information to evaluate a product for design suitability quickly
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Supporting ManualA manual or a user guide of a supporting development tool.


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