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Analog IC Design Engineer



a year ago


(1) Design innovative analog and mixed-signal integrated circuits

(2) Select/create circuit architectures based on practical experience and knowledge of existing circuit literature

(3) Analyze and explain the characteristics and limitations of the circuit

(4) Build a simulation verification platform for analog circuits to verify circuit performance

(5) Analog circuit testing and debugging

Job Requirements:

(1) Major in electronic circuit/microelectronics/communication engineering, master's degree or above

(2) More than 2 years of experience in simulation-related projects

(3) Familiar with the design of two of the key functions: clock and data recovery, phase-locked loop, bandgap, CMP, ADC/DAC, DC-DC/LDO, FRO/IRC/OSC, I/O

(4) Familiar with analog IC design process, familiar with EDA tools such as Cadence and Spectre

(5) It is best to have a certain Verilog-ams modeling ability

(6) Strong learning ability, analytical ability, communication ability and teamwork spirit

(7) Excellent English reading and writing skills

Analog Layout Design Engineer



a year ago

Job Requirements:

(1) 3 years and above experience in layout design of analog and mixed-signal integrated circuits

(2) Bachelor degree or above in microelectronics, integrated circuits and other related majors

(3) Familiar with UNIX (Linux) platform, layout design tools, proficient in layout verification processes such as DRC, LVS, LPE, etc.

(4) Experience in floor planning AnalogRF cell-block- and chip-level layout

(5) Experience in power management IC design

(6) Have excellent patience and teamwork spirit to realize the optimal design of the simulation layout

Job Responsibilities:

(1) Understand the needs of circuit and layout design

(2) Independently complete analog circuit layout module design, chip integration and back-end verification

AUTOSAR (Senior) Software Engineer



a year ago


(1) Responsible for the development of AUTOSAR MCAL software on various series of MCU products

(2) Design and development of some AUTOSAR BSW modules

(3) Provide customer application support for AUTOSAR software, as well as customer technical solution development support

Job Requirements:

(1) Graduated from a key undergraduate/master’s degree, with 3-10 years of work experience

(2) More than 3 years working experience in the field of automotive electronics

(3) Have certain experience in embedded system development and AUTOSAR related software development experience

(4) Those who are familiar with one or more of the following skills are preferred: body control system, CAN/LIN/Ethenet communication protocol, Bootloader, RTOS, Autosar;

(5) Familiar with automotive functional safety ISO26262, ASPICE, preferred;

(6) Strong teamwork




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